Welcome to Earth Speaks Crystal Healing

Hello and welcome! My name is Emily and I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about myself and how Earth Speaks Crystal Healing came to be! I have always loved crystals and stones. I have memories from when I was very young of going into crystal shops with my mom and picking stones off of a turning display. I also still have bucket filled with rocks that I collected laying around from when I was little. I really started exploring the metaphysical aspect of crystals in high school after I met Michele Lowry of Nikoe Natural Therapies. I began taking meditation classes with her and rediscovered my love for Earth’s sparkly treasures. After graduating college, the universe let me know that the plan I had for the rest of my life was not aligned with my true purpose. I entered into a period of self-discovery and finally acknowledged that my calling was crystals. I signed up for the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy Certified Crystal Healer course and graduated in August 2016. I created Earth Speaks Crystal Healing with the intention of promoting health and well-being for humans and animals physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually with the help of Earth’s crystals and stones.

In my work with crystals I have come to realize that the interaction between an individual and a crystal is a unique experience. A crystal that inspires joy in one person may trigger a release of grief in another. In a crystal session I work with the seven main energy centers of the body, called chakras. Placing crystals on these energy centers allows the unique vibratory properties if crystals to clear any energy blockages and return the chakra to its normal energetic state through entrainment of the two energies. In the session I also connect with the stones to gather messages and information about what is going on at each of the chakras and what the individual can do to support him or her self in that area.

I currently offer healing sessions in two lengths: 30 minutes and 60 minutes. A 30 minute session focuses on balancing one or two chakras or a specific intention such as relaxation, manifesting a new job, pain relief, etc. A 60 minute session includes a full chakra balancing where I will go through and check the energy and balance of all of the chakras and then use the crystals to bring the chakras back into balance. An intention can also be set for a 60 min session as well. I also offer Remote Crystal Guidance sessions which is a four stone crystal reading done remotely where I tap into the energy of the crystals or stones and communicate their messages to you regarding a specific question or intention.

If you would like to schedule a session or would just like more information please do not hesitate to contact me at earthspeakscrystalhealing@gmail.com or shoot me a message on Facebook or Instagram @earth_speaks_crystal_healing! I look forward to hearing from you!