What do I do here at Earth Speaks Crystal Healing?

About Me

Crystals have been in my life as far as I can remember. I have memories from when I was very young of going into stone shops and picking out stones. I also spent a lot of time outside collecting buckets full of rocks, some of which are still laying around the house today! After college, the universe let me know that the plan that I had created for the rest of my life was not my true purpose. I entered into a period of self-discovery where it finally occurred to me that my calling was crystals.  I signed up for the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy Certified Crystal Healer course and graduated in August of 2016.

Earth Speaks Crystal Healing is a crystal healing practice created with the intention of promoting health and well-being physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually with the help of Earth’s many crystals and stones. As a Certified Crystal Healer from the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy I offer sessions for humans and animals as well as a variety of crystal products that can be used to help maintain energetic health and balance.

What is crystal healing?

Crystal healing is a minimal contact therapy that facilitates healing, stress relief, release of emotional blockages, spiritual growth and much more. This is achieved through the interaction of the unique vibratory properties of crystals and stones with our own energy fields. The unstable energies associated with stress and illnesses entrain or move into alignment with the more stable frequencies and vibrations of the crystals allowing for healing to occur.

What does a crystal healing session look like?

In a crystal healing session crystals are placed on the body at the seven main energy centers known as chakras in order to rebalance and reenergize these centers. The chakras are linked to all the main organ systems of the body and because of this imbalances or lack of energy in the chakras can lead to physical, mental or emotional ailments if not addressed. Crystals can also be placed at specific areas of concern if necessary. I do all of my work intuitively, tapping into which crystals are needed and where they need to be on an individual basis as no two individuals have the same energetic needs. Throughout the session, I take in depth notes on messages and information I receive from crystals.

I offer sessions in three different lengths: 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minute Chakra Intensive sessions. Along with the difference in length the sessions differ in structure. A 30 minute session focuses on balancing one or two chakras or a specific intention such as relaxation, manifesting a new job, pain relief, etc. A 60 minute session includes a full chakra balancing where I will go through and check the energy and balance of all of the chakras and then use the crystals to bring the chakras back into balance. In a 60 minute session there is also time focus on a specific intention as well.

       A 90 minute Chakra Intensive session focuses on one chakra that has a very low energy level or severe imbalance. The goal of this session is to more fully immerse the specific chakra in supportive energy to correct the imbalance through focused crystal grids and layouts, essential oils, chakra attuned music, and guided chakra meditation. I recommend a Chakra Intensive session if a chakra imbalance has not been corrected within two 60 minute sessions.

The prices for each session are as follows:

30 minutes: $40        60 minutes: $70        90 minute Chakra Intensive: $90


Here at Earth Speaks Crystal Healing I am dedicated to creating custom quality gemstone products that enhance well-being and quality of life of both humans and our animal counterparts. These products include a variety of gemstone bracelets, collar/bridle charms, gem oils, gem elixirs and more! Check out my shop on my Facebook page to check everything out!


You can contact me through my Facebook page and email me at earthspeakscrystalhealing@gmail.com or you can text or call me at 603-765-1382 to schedule a session!


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